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Skin Concerns

Quick, name a body organ you can’t live without. Popular answers will probably include the brain and the heart. But not all body organs are internal. The one we wear on the outside and show to the world is our skin, and it’s our largest organ. On average, adults carry about 22 square feet of this essential shield.


Most of the time, facial skin goes uncovered, exposing it to all sorts of stressors, like temperature fluctuations, environmental pollutants, harsh sunlight, and harmful substances. Though it acts as waterproof insulation against these factors, skin cannot help but be affected by them, developing patches of dryness or oiliness, trouble spots, redness, acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, enlarged pores - the list goes on and on. Even in a perfect, stress-free environment, skin loses elasticity and tone as we naturally age. Don’t wait until your skin puts out a distress call, act now!


If your skin is…



Normal skin has an ideal balance of oil and moisture. Depending on lifestyle, season, or environmental stressors, normal skin can also experience dryness or oiliness. Look for products that maintain balance and are flexible. Check out: Lettuce & Cucumber, Black Sugar



Dry skin is unable to produce sebum, which is the oil naturally produced by skin as a moisturizer and to sweat properly, causing the epidermis (outer layer of skin) to look dull and dry. Dry skin is common in the wintertime. Pores may appear smaller, and patches of roughness can occur. Look for products that moisturize and also seal in moisture, like a cream which nourishes and creates a moisture barrier. Check out : Avocado, Royal Honey



Oily skin produces an excessive amount of sebum and sweat, creating a film that looks greasy and shiny. This skin type is often associated with acne and blemishes. Pores may appear larger, as well as blackheads, which may result in a bumpy texture. Look for products that help regulate sebum production and minimize pores, like a toner which removes cleanser residues, hydrates and conditions, and shrinks pores to control sebum production. Check out: Peach Sake, Egg White



Combination skin produces a different amount of sebum in various sections, which results in uneven skin. The T-zone (across the forehead and down the nose and chin) looks oily and may have blackheads or enlarged pores. Cheeks and other areas may feel tight and dry. Look for products that control sebum production and spot treat the T-zone, while keeping other areas moisturized to create a balance of oil and moisture throughout. Check out: Black Sugar



Sensitive skin is prone to redness and reacts easily with itchiness or rashes to regular skin products and ingredients, such as alcohol, fragrances, and artificial ingredients. Look for products with gentle, natural ingredients that can control inflammation. Check out: Rice, Royal Honey Moisture



Acne is skin inflammation caused by excessive sebum production. It might seem contradictory, but acne-prone skin needs hydration, but without extra oils or pore-clogging ingredients. Exfoliating dead skin regularly helps keep pores clean, but avoid over-exfoliating, which will lead to dry skin. Look for products that cleanse and hydrate deeply without stripping away moisture, like an emulsion which helps skin maintain its oil/moisture balance. Tea Tree


Has hyperpigmentation (brown spots), dullness

Excessive production of melanin, which determines skin coloration, causes uneven skin tones and hyperpigmentation. Look for products that have increased sun protection, as well as brightening properties, like an ampoule which helps correct skin issues with a concentration of nutrients.

Check out: Tomato, Yuja, Rice



Skin loses moisture and natural sebum production decreases over time, which causes wrinkles and fine lines. Buildup of free radicals, sun damage, and collagen breakdown are also of concern. Look for products that help regenerate skin and target damaged skin cells, including eye creams and serums which moisturize, nourish, and firm skin. Check out: Black Pomegranate, Gold Caviar


Skin care products are specifically formulated to address certain skin concerns for your skin’s needs. Using the wrong products could be more than just an inefficient choice - the wrong product could irritate, exacerbate, and even create skin troubles. For instance, acne is caused by different circumstances, including hormonal cycles, diet, and disruptions to normal skin functions, and others. Misidentifying your skin condition and changing your skin care routine to include products formulated for acne-prone skin may throw off your regular skin balance, creating new troubles.


Finally, look at the big picture. Identifying your skin by focusing on one or two problems or needs could cause you to treat the symptom, but not the underlying causes or overall skin health. Our next blog for Demystifying Routine will walk you through how to build a routine that is customizable to your unique skin and concerns.


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