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Aqua Grape, For Bounce in Your Skin and Your Step

Voluminous hair. You on a Friday afternoon as you head out the office door. What do these things have in common? They’ve both got bounce.


What can also be improved by bounce? Your skin! Introducing Aqua Grape, one of SKINFOOD’s newest product line. Designed for intensive firming and moisturizing, it replenishes resilience and elasticity in skin, giving it bounce!


Aqua grape, or caulerpa lentillifera, is harvested and eaten in Asian countries like Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. An edible sea plant that looks like mini green grapes, it’s often served raw in salads. Low in calories and packed with nutritional benefits, it’s also known as green caviar. Preliminary research even shows that it has cancer-fighting properties. No wonder the Japanese call it the “longevity seaweed.”


SKINFOOD’s Aqua Grape is extracted using a cold brew method, which concentrates the unique fragrance and effective ingredients. It helps preserve fucoidan, a natural food compound that your body synthesizes to make important regulatory substances, like hormones and enzymes. Fucoidan has also been shown to inhibit inflammation and boost the immune system. SKINFOOD combines the regenerative powers of aqua grape extract with deep sea water that’s sourced from Ulleungdo, an island off the coast of South Korea with pristine turquoise waters, famed for its delicious and abundant seafood. Deep sea water is clean water, taken from 200 meters below the surface. The high pressure at this sea level condenses water molecules to be smaller, which are then more easily absorbed by skin.


The Aqua Grape line even puts the bounce in bubbles! Aqua Grape Bounce Bubble Serum contains Mineral Water Bounce Bubble™, an ultra-moisturizing antioxidant bubble. Containing hyaluronic acid to increase moisture and elasticity at the same time, as well as Vitamin E for moisturizing effect, this serum is made to replenish rich moisture and resilience once it touches your skin.


Aqua Grape will give you dewy skin that’s glowing with health and hydration, sure to put that extra bounce in your step!



Aqua Grape Bounce Mist Toner

20% aqua grape extract and 40% Ulleungdo deep sea water combine to immediately hydrate skin. A mist-type toner that moisturizes after cleansing as a toner or throughout the day as a portable mist! SHOP NOW


Aqua Grape Bounce Essence Lotion

A gel ultra-moisturizing essence lotion which transforms into water droplets that absorb into your skin when applied. Perfect for a light, sea foam finish without stickiness. SHOP NOW


Aqua Grape Bounce Bubble Serum

A bubble serum bursting with antioxidants to replenish moisture and promote elasticity in the skin with bouncy aqua grape bubbles? No wonder it’s a top seller! Gently pat the bouncy bubbles into your skin and experience its soft firming power. SHOP NOW


Aqua Grape Bounce Cream

Don’t be fooled by its light finish. It is powerful enough to use as a moisturizing pack - just apply a second layer and double up on rejuvenating hydration! SHOP NOW


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