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The Winter Essentials

Every day, your skin is on active duty, shielding and insulating you from a multitude of stressors, such as temperature fluctuations, environmental pollutants, harsh weather elements and biological and chemical contaminants. There are certain times when it can get overwhelmed and needs some serious backup, or else it will erupt in unwanted and unsightly issues. Changing of the seasons, especially the transition into the colder conditions of winter, may trigger skin discomfort like patches of dryness or oiliness, trouble spots, redness, acne, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, enlarged pores - but don’t stress! Body, face, hands and feet - SKINFOOD has everything your skin needs to have a blissful winter season.

Royal Honey For That Double Moisturization That Doesn’t Quit
Though many species of bees and wasps hibernate during the winter, honey bees don’t. They work hard during the spring and summer months to harvest enough honey to eat and stay active during the winter months to keep the queen and hive alive. Skinfood’s Royal Honey line works just as hard to keep your skin double moisturized, inside and out. Its concentrated formula imparts a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals and improved absorption into skin, at the same time creating a skin barrier so none of that moisture is lost through evaporation. Royal honey also has rejuvenating and anti-aging properties, firming and smoothing skin.

Try: Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Essence and Royal Honey Essential Eye Cream to keep your complexion moisturized and protected, particularly the delicate areas around your eyes, which are prone to wrinkles.

Can Somebody Please Pass the (Shea) Butter?
Shea butter is a fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. It’s naturally rich in vitamins A and E and oleic acids that promote collagen production. It contains cinnamic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory and helps treat blemishes and acne. Shea butter is about 60% fat, which acts as both a moisturizer to smooth and hydrate skin, and also a barrier, to seal moisture in. Shea butter can be applied it to any part of your skin. You’ll find this true workhorse in all sorts of Skinfood products, in hand creams, body wash and lotions and lip care.

Try: Intensive Shea Butter Cream, Shea Butter Hand and Foot Masks to prevent winter chapping and moisture loss.

Grapeseed Oil is a Cold-Pressed Splash of Goodness for Your Skin, Inside and Out
Winter’s harsh weather will dry and chap skin, weakening its defensive barrier against outside contaminants. But did you know that your skin cells are being attacked from the inside too? Free radicals in your cells cause damage and even illness from within. Grapeseed oil is high in Vitamin E, an antioxidant which protects against free radical damage. Its omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids also boost your skin barrier, reducing inflammation and sealing in moisture. Even though it’s an oil, it won’t make your skin oily. Skinfood’s Grape Seed Oil line is made of grapeseed oil and wine extracts which absorb easily into skin, leaving it supple and soft.

Try: Grape Seed Oil Body Wash, Lotion and Coating Oil for a complete hydration defense during winter months.

10 Super Foods Combine to Make a Skin Miracle
Just like an unexpected blizzard knocks everything out of whack, winter can play havoc with your skin. Skinfood’s Miracle Food 10 line is a total solution program with powerful antioxidant and moisturizing properties that addresses 10 different skin concerns with 10 superfoods, including black tea, ginseng, and honey, which are extracted and blended into an optimal skin care line to treat and restore skin, prevent aging, and fight wrinkles.
Skinfood is backed by years of experience in distilling the essences of healthy food, which enables us to calibrate the optimum blending ratio for these phytochemicals into the best skin care products for your skin! Our PHYTO MIRACLE™ extraction process yields maximum extract efficiency, while SUBMICRON™ Technology ensures maximum skin cell penetration for comprehensive, total skin care.

Try: Miracle Food 10 Solution Cream, a moisturizing, antioxidant-rich light-weight moisturizer that softens and nourishes complexion.

What are some of your favorite ingredients for Winter skin?


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