Breaking Down the Double Cleanse

Breaking Down the Double Cleanse

All the snail mucin in the world won’t save your complexion if you don’t do this basic step right: washing your face. It’s so basic that we can rush by it to get to the fancier, flashier serums, creams, and masks. But just like a solid, well-built foundation holds up a skyscraper, facial cleansing is the cornerstone of a skincare routine that will nurture healthy, beautiful skin. Enter the double cleanse.

Now, before you burst into dismay at adding yet another step, another product to your skin regimen, let’s learn the why. Throughout the day, environmental pollutants in the air, including airborne bacteria and micro-particles, are attracted to your skin. Add to this, bits of leftover makeup and products, sunscreen (you ARE wearing sunscreen every day, right?), dead skin cells, and sebum, the natural oil your skin produces, and you’ve got a mix that’s clogging your pores and causing aging, acne, and hyperpigmentation. This mix is determined by your unique circumstance, including weather, physical environment, skincare routine, and other factors. You may think that your regular water-based cleanser can easily cleanse away all the gunk, but it isn’t as deep cleaning as you think! Without a true cleanse, every step of your skincare routine is less effective.

What can complicate things even more is that some cleansers work better with certain skin types. Using a cleanser that is ill-suited to your skin type can contribute to inefficient cleansing, and can even bring about or exacerbate the skin conditions you are trying to banish. Your skin can also be affected by seasonal changes, hormonal imbalances, stress levels, and other events so that your regular routine, including cleansing, may need some tweaking or substitution. Check out our Skin 101 blog, How to Determine My Skin Type, for a quick primer (or refresher!) on this subject.

Double cleansing is a deep cleanse process that is most beneficial to do in the evening. It involves using an oil-type cleanser first to remove that layer of makeup and gunk that we talked about. An oil cleanser is applied to dry skin, and is best for removing makeup and any other oil-based products, such as sunscreen. Remember, a lot of makeup and sunscreens are formulated to be water-resistant, so sweat and tears don’t wash it away during the day, and a water-based cleanser won’t wash all of it away at night! If you don’t like the idea or feel of applying oil directly to your skin with your hands, try using a small amount on cotton pads and swiping gently to cleanse.

The second step of double cleansing is to use a water-based cleanser. Now, you may be thinking what the difference is between the oil type cleanser you just used and this second cleanser you’re about to use. A water-based cleanser is used with water or on wet skin, rather than on dry skin, and will clean much deeper into pores, now that the first round of cleansing has done its work. Don’t think that you can get away with just a splash, though. Taking a minute (or two, you overachiever) to massage the cleanser in is not just a de-stressing spa moment for you, but it will make sure that you’re getting all the benefits from your cleanser, including any special ingredients, like aloe or vitamin C. In addition to cleansing, this second round is your chance to address any specific skin type and concerns, like dryness and acne, as well as intensely moisturize, soften, and smooth skin.

Double cleansing is a double bonus to your skincare routine - it not only removes the daily buildup, but it also sets the scene for your skin to do its best nighttime rejuvenating and regenerating, while maximizing the efficiency of your overnight products and masks. Double cleansing can be overkill and pricey to do twice a day, so concentrate your efforts at night. A simple water-based cleanser will do you right and prep your skin for your daytime routine.

For normal to combo skin: Try the Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil, rich in mineral black sugar, refined rice wine, and botanicals for gentle makeup removal and smooth skin. Pair it with Black Sugar Perfect Bubble Foam, a soft bubble foam to purify and soften skin.

For oily skin: Try Egg White Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil, formulated to wipe away heavy makeup without leaving a heavy feeling. Follow it up with Egg White Perfect Pore Cleansing Foam, an upgraded pore care foam that purifies pores and regulates excessive sebum production for a shine-free, smooth complexion.

For dry and sensitive skin: Try Rice Daily Brightening Cleansing Water, a mild solution that purifies skin without stripping it of natural moisture and boosts its regenerative power with vitamin E. Do a second round of cleansing with Rice Brightening Scrub Foam for Dry and Sensitive Skin, a micro-fine facial scrub foam that harnesses rice’s anti-inflammatory properties to make skin supple after gently exfoliating with rice bran and deep cleansing with a dense foam.

For acne prone skin: Pair your favorite oil cleanser with the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Bubble Foam for a gentle yet effective cleanse to treat and prevent acne with 8% tea tree leaf extract.




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