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Sheet Masks 101: ABC's of Sheet Masking!

Sheet Masks

What are sheet masks?

Made of cloth-like materials and soaked in the same nutrients that go into essences and serums, masks are a concentrated blast of skincare. It might make you look like you’re ready to go watch the new Halloween movie, but as the mask lies on your face, it’s preventing evaporation and forcing deeper absorption of its contents.

What are they made of?

Sheet masks are made of a variety of materials, including paper, plant fibers and gels. Since the goal is to have your skin absorb the serum the mask is soaked in, there’s no need to wash away the residue from a sheet mask. In fact, you shouldn’t! Use the extra serum to apply to other areas besides your face, like your neck and chest. Squeeze every last drop out of the package and put it to work. Play around with textures! Maybe your skin loves the jelly feeling of gel - try a gel mask or if you prefer a traditional fit, try the Vege Garden line. 

How are sheet masks used?

Before using a sheet mask, you’ll need to prep your skin to maximize its absorption. Cleanse your skin of makeup and impurities and exfoliate. While most masks come soaked in the serum, some may come packaged separately, and require mixing. After toning, apply the face-shaped mask, starting from the forehead down, and line up the holes over your eyes, nose and mouth. Make sure the mask is bonded closely to your skin. The idea is that you are creating a seal so that the serum doesn’t evaporate off the surface of your skin. Since it can’t evaporate up, the serum will be forced down and absorbed into your skin. Leave it on for the recommended time on the package, then gently peel it off, discard, and bask in the hydrated glow of a job well done.

Why use a sheet mask?

While using a sheet mask doesn’t replace a full skincare routine, it is a convenient and simple way to inject some TLC into your skin without a lot of fuss. They are generally highly targeted to specific skin concerns, so you can customize your skincare to your individual skin needs. They’re individually packaged, so you can keep several handy for any occasion. Stick some in your gym bag for post-workout pampering or by your couch to combine TV time with spa time. Sheet masks can also be an inexpensive way to try out new skincare ingredients or brands before committing to pricier products. They also make great stocking stuffers and impromptu hostess gifts!

How do I choose one that’s best for my skin?

Choose one that addresses your specific skin concern, or as a way to mix up your skincare routine with different ingredients. Depending on your skin type, use several times a week as desired. There are also specialized masks for hands, lips, and eyes, as well as peel-off packs and spot patches for forehead, nose, and jaw. For example, if you’re looking for brightening, try a mask that has Vitamin C or citrus. For deep moisturizing, try something with hyaluronic acid or honey to draw moisture into skin. From humble egg and yogurt to luxurious pearl and aqua grape, to the odd (but it works really, really well!) snail secretion and bee propolis, there’s a mask that’s priced and formulated for your skin’s unique needs.


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