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Set Skin Free with B₃: A Guide to Niacinamide

Set Skin Free with B₃: A Guide to Niacinamide

Niacinamide is having its moment in the sun. It’s a water-soluble derivative of niacin, or Vitamin B₃. Usually consumed in our regular diet, it’s found in eggs, green veggies, beans, fish, and milk. It’s essential for the reproduction and repairing of cells in our body and skin to function properly. The thing is, our body doesn’t make enough of it on its own. That is why ingesting and applying Vitamin B₃ or Niacinamide topically have shown to have immense health benefits!

Niacinamide Wins Good Citizen Award

One of the reasons niacinamide works so well on your insides and outsides is because it’s a powerful antioxidant. It naturally combats highly reactive and damaging free radicals, molecules that have either lost or gained an extra electron. On the inside, niacinamide helps your body create cofactors, molecules which pair with free radicals to even out the electron distribution, negating their destructiveness. On the outside, it goes one step further in increasing the production of ceramides, lipids which help to maintain skin’s protective barrier, lock in moisture, and protect from free radicals. Niacinamide also helps build keratin and collagen, which are both necessary for building healthy skin cells.


Niacinamide is closer to pH-neutral compared to other skin care ingredients, such as retinol and Vitamin C, which are more acidic in nature. This important quality makes niacinamide extra gentle and suitable for all skin types, even for the most sensitive. It’s also anti-inflammatory and helps inhibit the production of oil. Stacking all those qualities together, niacinamide makes for an effective acne fighter that causes less irritation compared to stronger acids or steroid treatments. Pore size reduction can also be a long-term benefit, as well as fading hyper-pigmentation, or lightening dark spots.


It also plays well with others, making good company with other popular ingredients, particularly hyaluronic acid, boosting its hyper-moisturizing capability to help skin resist moisture loss and repair dry, flaky skin.

Are you convinced yet?

Treat Others as Niacinamide Would Treat You

Because it’s a water-soluble vitamin, niacinamide can be found in all sorts of skin care products. From essences and serums, cleansers and toners, Niacinamide can also be a standalone treatment mixed into your favorite skin care products. Check the packaging for the percentage. A 2% niacinamide application might work as a daily add-in to cleanser or toner for dryness relief. A 5% application used several times a week can shrink pores and lighten dark spots. An advanced strength 20% application can reduce sun damage and smooth skin texture. Always spot check for reactions. Note that with niacinamide, a little redness is normal and can diminish with use over time. The amount of Niacinamide does not always have to be the same, as your skin changes with under different circumstances and seasons. Niacinamide is ultra-flexible, so experiment and find what works best for you!


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