Treat Your Skin to NEW Food Masks

SKINFOOD New Food Masks. Sweet and zesty apricot, relaxing lavender, and fresh pear mint.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” definitely lowballs the vital importance of fruit in maintaining our daily health! Echoing the American Heart Association’s recommendation to consume four servings of fruits per day as a vital component of a heart-healthy diet, the SHSF* has formulated three customized fruity servings for healthy, happy skin! Introducing SKINFOOD’s new FOOD MASKS in LAVENDER, APRICOT, and PEAR MINT!

Following in the footsteps of fan favorite Black Sugar Mask Wash Off, these are wash off masks that allow for quick and easy targeted treatment of various skin concerns on specific facial areas. Specially concocted with SKINFOOD’s patented Pro-Energetic™ formula, these masks combine the best ingredients with actual fruit extracts for customized, effortless skin care for any situation. Their non-runny formula keeps it from dripping, so it stays in place, making it perfect for masking anytime, anywhere. Try it in the shower for ultimate convenience!

Pro-Energetic™: Prime Rosella Ferm and Dill for Smooth, Even Skin

Pro-Energetic™ is an original SKINFOOD ingredient containing fermented hibiscus flower and dill extracts. Hibiscus, which is already high in antioxidants, is fermented to encourage the production of natural lactic acids which help to moisturize and firm skin, evening out skin texture. Dill is rich in vitamins A, B, C, and potassium, which boost immunity and soothes skin, making it smooth. Both ingredients undergo an extraction process which preserves and maximizes their efficacy when combined with other foods.

Don’t Be Pressed, There’s an Apricot For That

APRICOT FOOD MASK is made from Turkish apricots which are cold processed low and slow and then double extracted. This process minimizes the destruction of apricot’s active ingredients and makes it an anti-aging powerhouse. It’s a cream-type mask with calamine that quickly calms sensitized skin, and energizes you with its sweet, zesty apricot smell. Great for sensitive skin types and for relieving irritated skin (especially after wearing a face mask all day). SHOP NOW

Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory Skin Repair, Ooh La Lavender!

LAVENDER FOOD MASK uses lavender sourced from the Provence region in southern France and distilled for a clean, clear lavender extraction without impurities. This process retains essential oil components that can be volatile and lose strength during extraction. It’s a hydrating gel-type mask which moisturizes while repairing the skin barrier, and acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce puffiness. Enjoy its relaxing fragrance as an extra aromatherapeutic bonus. Pro-tip: store it in the fridge for a refreshing cooling effect! SHOP NOW

It Ap-PEARs We Were MINT To Be Together

PEAR MINT FOOD MASK is made with pears and mint extracted using ceramic rather than metal containers, which produces superior stability and effectiveness of the final ingredients. This is a clay-type mask that exfoliates and deep cleans impurities and sebum, leaving skin clean, soft, and cool with a pear-y sweet and minty scent! SHOP NOW

*The Skinfood Happy Skin Foundation. Not a real thing, but our scientists have helped us to promote happy, healthy skin for SKINFOODIES since 1957. ;)




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