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You Beta Understand We Carrot About Healthy Skin


At SKINFOOD, we’ve always known that beauty comes from the inside. What you feed your body affects your health, so it follows that what you feed your skin affects your skin’s health.


Picture this: You’ve just peeled a buttery, perfectly ripe avocado. As you're about to spread this rich, green goodness on a piece of toasted brioche, you hear your notification alert on your phone go off, and fall down a TikTok rabbit hole.


By the time you re-emerge into the light, your avocado is now gray and mushy. What happened? Oxidative damage. The oxygen in the air reacted with compounds and enzymes within the avocado, damaging it and producing melanin, the source of the color change.


Just like that avocado, your skin is a mini-reflection of your general health. Free radicals, which are unstable molecules that are omnipresent in our environment, are on a never-ending quest to attach with other atoms and molecules. In the process, they damage your body’s cells through oxidative stress, weakening living cells and tissues. On the surface, this can take different forms, such as hyperpigmentation and acceleration in skin aging.


24 Carrot Protection for Beta Skin

Enter β-Carotene. Beta-carotene is a what gives carrots and other colorful vegetables their vibrant red-orange pigment. It is also a powerful antioxidant, or a substance that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules and protects the body from free radicals and their aging effects. Beta-carotene is a precursor to Vitamin A.  Our bodies can convert Beta-carotene into Vitamin A, also known as retinol, an essential vitamin. We obtain it mostly from the foods we consume. Beta-carotene has been shown to increase the skin’s defenses against UV radiation, which is the source of the majority of skin aging and conditions. Using beta-carotene products won’t replace your daily sunscreen, but it’ll boost your sunblocker with its own mild sunscreen effect and can alleviate the symptoms of photo- or light sensitization. Vitamin A is involved in the growth, differentiation, maintenance and reproduction of skin cells, so intake and metabolism of beta-carotene in skin is essential in the body’s synthesis of vitamin A.


You Can’t Carrot Too Much About Healthy Skin

A small raw carrot contains almost 300% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin A, making carrots one of the best sources of beta-carotene. SKINFOOD sources pesticide-free, organically grown carrots from Jeju, steaming them to preserve the nutrients without using chemical solvents. Then we process them low and slow to produce a natural extract and oil which is the basis of our Carrot Carotene line, which is specially formulated to provide maximum moisturizing effects to sensitive skin, harnessing the immense antioxidant power of beta-carotene.


We Carrot About the Bunnies Too

Registered in South Korea with the Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services and with The Vegan Society from the United Kingdom, SKINFOOD’s Carrot Carotene is a vegan skin care line which is not tested on animals! You can be sure that no bunnies or any other animals will ever be harmed in the production of Carrot Carotene.


Carrot Carotene Calming Water Pad

These ultra-comforting thick cotton pads are soaked in carrot essence made to moisturize sensitive skin and soothe irritations. The soft waffle texture gently glides onto the skin for soothing moisture. Use after cleansing, place pads on troubled areas and leave on for 5-10 min. Then remove and swipe along the face. Pat to help the remaining essence absorb into the skin. SHOP NOW 


Carrot Carotene Relief Cream

A lightweight moisturizing cream to soothe and relieve irritated skin. It comes with a biodegradable spatula for the perfect scoop of calming nourishment. Use any time your skin needs an extra boost of soothing & cooling relief, or after using Carrot Carotene Calming Water Pads to seal in moisture. SHOP NOW


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