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Got Milk Shake Point Make-Up Remover?

A milky dream for gentle makeup removing care. We've distilled the gentle properties of milk into our Milk Shake Point Make-Up Remover, our moisturizing, non-irritating makeup remover, made with nutrient-rich milk and active fermented soy milk. It erases clingy makeup thoroughly without drying out or irritating the sensitive skin around your eyes and lips for that baby-fresh glow! No wonder it's been a tried and true staple. Don't take our word for it, hear why Soo Beauty and The Beauty Breakdown love and rave about it.


The skin around your eyes and lips is more fragile and sensitive than the rest of your face, but unfortunately, those are exactly the places we want to emphasize and beautify with makeup! Between the products we put on and take off our eyes and lips, these areas can take quite the beating. SKINFOOD combines milk protein extracts with fermented soy milk not just to cleanse, but to improve skin’s moisture retention, as well as its immunity and elasticity. Fermenting boosts the power of lactobacillus, a healthy bacteria that produces lactic acid, and isoflavones, a plant-derived compounds which affect lipids and improve vascular function, both of which are found abundantly in soy milk. Fermenting soy milk boosts its antioxidant and anti-aging properties and strengthens your skin barrier to Lebron-level!


SKINFOOD goes one step further with Milk Shake Point Make-Up Remover by using gentle ingredients that are friendly to the environment and sourced from non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) beans. If you’re looking for the cream of the crop of makeup removers for that diamond glow up, look no further than Milk Shake Point Make-Up Remover! SHOP NOW


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