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On-the-Go Enzyme Power Wash: What are Enzymes?

This Powder Wash Turns Your Skin Care Routine Into a Power Wash


It will be to your skin routine like a mushroom to Mario and spinach to Popeye. Get ready to turn your skin care routine up to 11 with Black Sugar Perfect Enzyme Powder Wash! *cue fireworks, confetti bomb, drone light show*


Black Sugar Perfect Enzyme Powder Wash is a 5-in-1 multi-cleanser that comes in a single-use packet for easy application and on-the-go convenience! It’s a mild acidic powder cleanser that utilizes a combination of black sugar and plant-derived enzyme ingredients to produce a non-irritating scrub that cleanses deeply and exfoliates thoroughly.


Black sugar has always been one of SKINFOOD’s most powerful ingredients because of its exfoliating properties, which come from its glycolic acid. It’s also a humectant, or water attractor. Boosted by its high molasses content, black sugar is an exfoliating and moisturizing powerhouse.


Adding to that is the punchy power of enzymatic action! These are no mere sidekicks, but substances sourced from botanicals which act as catalysts to bring about specific biochemical reaction. Papain enzyme effects the hydrolysis, or the chemical breakdown of a compound due to reaction with water and proteins, which helps gently remove dead-skin cell built up on the surface of skin. Ficain, an enzyme derived from fig fruit extract, boosts the exfoliation factor, and is also an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. Finally, PHA, a lactobionic acid extracted from milk sugar, locks in moisture. These three merge to deliver a superior cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing effect, proving teamwork makes the dream of healthy, beautiful skin work!


Fans of SKINFOOD’s original Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing line are going to recognize the strength and efficacy of Black Sugar Perfect Enzyme Powder Wash. We’ve condensed Black Sugar’s powerful formula with enzymatic action into a one-step cleansing product that deep cleanses + exfoliates + evens out skin texture + moisturizes + clears skin...AND is mild and hypoallergenic enough for sensitive skin!


You can use it on its own. By adding water and rubbing it between your hands, it will create a rich foam you can massage into your face and rinse off with lukewarm water. It also plays well with others! Mix some into Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil or Cream to remove makeup and deep cleanse at the same time. Combine two packets for a double dose of deep cleansing and mild peeling exfoliation. SHOP NOW 


Save the short term power boosts of spinach and mushrooms for your brunch omelet. Black Sugar Perfect Enzyme Powder is the moisturizing, exfoliating 24/7, 365 superhero your skin care needs and deserves.



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