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Splash, Pat, & GLOW with the Black Sugar Perfect Splash Mask!

Move over, Black Sugar Mask Wash Off, there’s a new kid in town. Introducing the Black Sugar Perfect Splash Mask - the bigger, badder, 4-in-1 water splash mask that’s going to smooth and just 10 seconds. (Say what?)

Black Sugar has always been a rock star in the SKINFOOD line up. Its molasses content makes it more hygroscopic, or attractive to water, than regular refined sugar. It’s supremely effective in drawing moisture from the air into your skin to make it plump and dewy. Black Sugar also contains natural glycolic acid, an enzyme which retexturizes skin by removing dead skin cells that build up and dull your complexion.

Black Sugar isn’t just a solo artist. We’ve teamed it up with BIO-TONE UP™,  our original refined rice wine, made from glutinous rice and pristine mountain water, and PHA, polyhydroxy acid. These two in harmony purify skin of contaminants and environmental pollutants while gently exfoliating. And for the finale, organic lemon, apple, and orange extracts soften skin and restore its pH balance for a beautiful complexion that’s ready to glow up any stage!

Black Sugar Perfect Splash Mask has the highest amount of black sugar extract, which gives it a uniquely slippery texture, almost like a sugar syrup. This intense concentration of black sugar and other powerful ingredients make it a new type of facial mask that can be used directly as a quick treatment mask in shower or diluted as the last step in your cleansing routine.

It’s a simple yet highly effective facial mask that smooths away dead skin, while keeping it hydrated and pH-balanced. Use it in the shower for a quick mask on the go, or splash it on before you dash out the door.

Ten seconds to splash, pat, glow! Grab the perfect 10-second treat for your skin today, only at SKINFOOD! Shop Now


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